On April 26, 2014 – Some ancient artifacts were uncovered. It’s a relatively well-known tale that dates back to the beginning of video game history. “E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial” is considered one of the worst video games of all time. It was the first of many films to be accompanied by a hackneyed cut-and-paste video game title. The legend says that Atari buried the unsold copies in a landfill in New Mexico. Well that “legend” is no longer a “legend” anymore.

It was hard to get into a conversation about video games in 1983 without bringing up Atari. In 1982 other companies began to enter the video game market, so even before ET was released the company was struggling. The game is reported to have had a $536 million loss and some say it lead to the company being divided and sold in 1984. The game was not only considered one of the biggest mistakes in video game history, but it is also cited as the video game industry crisis of 1983. (more…)