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SN: “Toy Story 3” voted best Walt Disney film of the decade so far.

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SN: “Toy Story 3” voted best Walt Disney film of the decade so far.

Last month we asked Media 10 users what the best Walt Disney film of this decade was so far.

It’d be interesting to see how this poll would turn out a year from now once people have had time to see Pixar’s new hit “Inside Out” and their upcoming film “The Good Dinosaur.”

For now though, “Toy Story 3” won this in a landslide with 48% of the total votes. “Frozen” came in second with 19% and last year’s Oscar-winning film “Big Hero 6” had 16%.

The new poll, located in the sidebar, asks readers what their favorite film of 2015 is so far. Once the 2015 Emmy Nominations are announced we will use this sidebar space to ask readers what they would vote for in each category. So vote quickly!

Oscar: The 9 films that could win “Best Picture”


Oscar: The 9 films that could win “Best Picture”

This list won’t just be the top 9 films on the Best Picture prediction page. It also won’t be the 9 I think will make it with nominations (though very possible). Many other films not on the list could be nominated, but won’t compete for the win, the same way “The Blind Side” or “District 9” didn’t compete in 2010 and how “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” didn’t compete in 2011.

At this point in the race we have seen all but four of the major contenders. We, as a film-going audience, haven’t seen them, but critics have, and we have been given a general consensus on the film.

So here are the top 9, possible Oscar Winners. I can guarantee one of these nine films will be our Oscar Best Picture winner.

Film Trailer: Escape from Tomorrow

Escape from Tomorrow

Trailer 1

Last Updated: 09/11/13

How’s this for an interesting story? Filmmaker Randy Moore (fellow Full Sail alumni) spent over 3 years shooting this neo-noir horror film at Disneyland and Disney World without permission. Using DSLR cameras and the crew reading scripts on iphones, keeping everything on the low. When this film aired at Sundance earlier this year, it was met with a positive reaction, but what was most intriguing was how Moore took on the world’s biggest corporation that is infamous for taking any abuse of their intellectual property to court.

Even though no official word was ever said of Disney, it seems they me taking the “let the attention die out approach” and they ultimately won’t take legal action. We’ll see. Till then the film looks intriguing enough and I hope I get a chance to see it.