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TV Review: “The Walking Dead” Season Three


TV Review: The Walking Dead Season 3 Review

I am a big fan of all things Walking Dead, the Telltale Video Game absolutely blew my mind a couple months ago, and ranked up with some of the best Video Games I have ever played. I am also completely up to date on all the comics, and no I am not going to make comparisons or spoil anything that may/or may not happen in the future on this post.

Out of the three mediums Comic, Video Game, and Show I can easily say the show represents the weakest link of The Walking Dead universe. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the show and it still stands as one of my favorite shows currently on television, it just feels like over the three short seasons the show has struggled immensely to find its focus.

Season 3 started out with some intense merciless zombie-killing action. There seems to be a divide in what people look for in the zombie genre. It’s either intense gorey bloody zombie-killing action or the harsh realism and psychological deterioration the zombie apocalypse would have on mankind. The Walking Dead shoots for the ladder, and it is aiming to please everyone in Season 3. (more…)

Classic Video Game Review: Pokemon Blue and Red

Classic Video Game Review: Pokemon Red and Blue

In 1996 I was four years old. Is that crazy? Pokemon Red and Blue were released in the Gameboy’s prime in the US in 1998. So I was six years old when I started really getting into Pokemon.

Parents couldn’t understand for the life of them what the appeal was. I could sit here and try and explain the appeal, but then I’d imagine I’d sound weird. It was a combination of collecting and role playing that was simply irrestible.

I watched the show, collected the trading cards (Three holographic Charizards ftw) but the most amazing thing that ever came out for the apparently still running series was the first Gameboy games Pokemon Red and Blue.

There were only slight difference in each versions, like could catch certain Pokemon in a version that  you couldn’t catch in the other and some Pokemon could only be collected by trading via “link cable” with a friend. Thus encouraging that you not become a complete hermit to this game. Which for that time I was, and the five or six times I’ve played it throughout my life sense.

The past two weeks I played through Pokemon Red Version again on a Gameboy Advanced that I bougth at Flea World in Orlando (For $15!) Having played through this several times I couldn’t possibly the amazing sense of adventure and problem-solving that I did on the first time playing through. Mainly because I already knew how to solve all the problems.

I caught my Pokemon that I wanted, trained them, they evolved and I’d battle every trainer I encountered to level them up. First time playing through beating this game took me over a month and I kept playing after trying to catch them all. This time knowing pretty much the whole game front and back it wasn’t as exciting. I did catch Mew though, which I didn’t know you could do till this year.

Anyways, I did play a little of Gold when it first game out, I believe I made it through the game. So a logical solution would be to experience that sense of wonder in these games or the even more updated games. My predicament is that I hate that they kept adding Pokemon after the 150. That was goal enough, I just want a different story along the way. Plus the new Pokemon seem much more annoying and less badass as the originals.

I realized recently I can name all the original 150 off the top of my head still. I loved everything Pokemon as a kid and me and my brothers obssession with these games are what really drived it forward. The cards and show were fun, but the game was a classic and the reason I see Red/Blue as classics over the rest is because they started it all.

In my final words I will say that there were a lot of Platformers, some alright RPG games for the Gameboy at the time, but nothing that even came closer to the addictive and satisfying experience of these Pokemon games.

Final Score: 5/5

Video Game Review: L.A. Noire

Video Game Review: L.A. Noire

I have a special place in my heart for Rockstar games. From Grand Theft Auto to Max Payne to Red Dead Redemption. I have really experienced a Rockstar game I didn’t like. They became famous through the Grand Theft Auto series, and became notorious for adult content. I agree that all their games are meant for more mature audiences. But it has never felt like the inappropriate content was gratuitous.

LA Noire is not perfect. Three discs and it doesn’t feel like a huge game. Mass Effect 2 and 3 were two discs each, but both felt like they had miles more content than this game. I believe most of the space was consumed by some of the most impressive graphics that has ever struck the gaming industry.

Everything in this game is so photo realistic. They advertised the fact that the characters were motion captured and you can recognize some of the actors in it. The game also successfully strikes the look and feel of the decade. I spent most of the time admiring the graphics in this game.

The story is also very good. Nothing revolutionary, but very good. Things tie together in the end after watching flashbacks to things you don’t understand. I also found it odd that you never know too much about your character. You learn more about your character as the game goes on.

The playability is solid as well, controls are easy to maneuver and at times it makes you feel like a legit detective piecing things together. So what’s my problem with the game?

The only real problem I can find is that it is short. It’s a short game, there are some side missions but they are all bland and repetitive. You can also find new vehicles, but why? For the XBOX achievement? I need more of a motivation than that.

La Noireis great fun for the couple of days it takes to beat it. It’s original gameplay, great story, and mind-numbing graphics are something to be noted. But as far as Rockstar game standards it is probably one of their weakest links.

Final Score: 4/5

Late Video Game Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012: The Masters


Late Video Game Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: Masters

                     I want to start this review off by saying I have never played the early PGA games with the exception of about an hours with of game play on ’11. As a fan of the sport of golf this game has provided me with some good hours of entertainment.

I have also played few Sports games, so this review won’t contain much comparisons. From what I hear this is the first game to feature The Masters tournament and have the Masters Moments feature. This is fun and interesting and even more so for avid golf fans. Unfortunately I am not an “avid” golf fan. Just a simple golf fan, I respect and enjoy the sport.

This game can be a little addicting as far as winning the next tournament, facing the AI forms of professional golfers with your own created character. The character creation doesn’t offer a wide variety of features including hair, clothing, ect. It does offer multiple options of facial structure, oddly enough. Same issue I had with Mass Effect in the create-a-character options.

After you have your character you compete in tournaments and other competitions to rise to the top of the world rankings. As I kept playing this game the better I got. I pretty much birdie the majority of holes now. There are a lot of mathematical factors that go into the placement of your swing. Wind, Power, how straight you push the thumbstick, the slope beneath your ball. This makes it often unpredictable and realistic in vain of the sport.

The pressure and added effects can also get to you, just like real golf. Everything about the gameplay feels perfect and realistic. The graphics of the game aren’t good considering it is 2012. The AI audience looks creepy and robotic and will often clap in unison for you. Also, the music, cheering and other sound effects get real old after a few tournaments.

With that said, the game is very fun and entertaining. I will continue to play and enjoy it for now.

Final Score: 3/4