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SN: “The Muppets” official reaction post

maxresdefaultOfficial Reaction Post: “The Muppets”

Season 1, Episode 4: Swedish Chef singing Rapper’s Delight…. that is all.

Season 1, Episode 3: Again, not taking the necessary steps to become a “great” show just yet. This was probably the weakest so far with little to no memorable one-liners.  Bonus points for Ralph!

Season 1, Episode 2: A step above the first episode. It definitely feels like, in due time, this show will find its niche. Meanwhile we are hoping for cameos outside of ABC’s primetime slots and where the hell is Ralph?

Season 1, Episode 1: We wrote a full Side Note assessment on our initial reactions.

SN: “The Muppets” felt off

Muppets-TV-Show-1SN: “The Muppets” felt off

Since the show premiered last Tuesday I’ve been giving some thought as to why it felt so… wrong.

I’m a huge fan of all of Henson’s work with “The Muppets” and with “Sesame Street.” Something about this pilot episode told me that he wouldn’t have been too fond of the new direction.

Your/My Top 10: Films of the Decade so Far 2010-2013


Top 20: Films of the Decade so Far 2010-2013

Judging by the amount of inevitable criticism I have been receiving since putting some unconventional films on my end of the year lists, I figured I’d make the image above one of my favorites, which is sure to be a cult hit, but not necessarily remembered in time.

The first list I’m going to have is all the films from the past three years (including 2013 so far, even though no film is actually included yet) factoring in the critical scores via MetaCritic and Rotten Tomatoes along with the cultural impact of the film.

I have included my top 20 as well which is vastly different: (more…)