The Blind Side

Top 20: Football Movies

moviebrianssong1Top 20: Football Movies

Tomorrow will be arguably the biggest American sporting event of the year. So it’s good to come prepared with some flicks about the sport. Whether you are rooting for the Broncos or the Seahawks, everyone can agree that these are some pretty good movies. Here is the top 20:

Brian’s Song
The Longest Yard
Remember the Titans
North Dallas Forty
Friday Night Lights
Knute Rockne All-American
The Program
The Express (more…)

Oscar: The 9 films that could win “Best Picture”


Oscar: The 9 films that could win “Best Picture”

This list won’t just be the top 9 films on the Best Picture prediction page. It also won’t be the 9 I think will make it with nominations (though very possible). Many other films not on the list could be nominated, but won’t compete for the win, the same way “The Blind Side” or “District 9” didn’t compete in 2010 and how “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” didn’t compete in 2011.

At this point in the race we have seen all but four of the major contenders. We, as a film-going audience, haven’t seen them, but critics have, and we have been given a general consensus on the film.

So here are the top 9, possible Oscar Winners. I can guarantee one of these nine films will be our Oscar Best Picture winner.