Spring Breakers

1st Annual M10 Award Winners

13SLAVE2-1380921552167-sfSpan1st Annual M10 Award Winners

“12 Years a Slave,” “The Last of Us,” and “Breaking Bad” are the best of 2013. Here is the full list of the 1st Annual M10 Award Winners.

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Film: 2014 Editor Awards

6202014 Editor Awards

I usually like to direct the website away from personal opinion as much as possible, but here are my personal awards for the best films of 2013.

Top 10 Films of 2013

The Wolf of Wall Street
The Act of Killing
Spring Breakers
12 Years a Slave
American Hustle
The World’s End

Honorable Mentions: Frances Ha, Gravity, This is the End, Captain Phillips, Upstream Color

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Oscar: Snubs that could happen

Golden-Globes-Nominations-Oscar-IsaacOscar: Snubs that could happen

There will undoubtedly be some major snubs when the Oscar nominations are announced January 16th. Major front-runners have often been pushed aside. Some say this is because voters won’t pick the obvious choice so they can help an underdog get in.

Unfortunately this helps to eliminate a lot of major front-runners. (Which is said to have happened last year to Ben Affleck for “Argo.”)

So really though, no one is completely safe. So here are list of some obvious choices that could get the booth on the morning of the 16th.


Film: 1st Annual M10 Nominations


Film: 1st Annual M10 Nominations

VIDEO GAME and TELEVISION nominations will be announced before the end of the weekend. Here are the first annual M10 nominees for film.

Gravity leads with 7 nominations. Her follows with 6 nominations. American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street follow with 5 nominations.

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Top 20: Movie Quotes of 2013


Top 20: Movie Quotes of 2013

This list probably shouldn’t be posted just yet. There needs to be some time for the December films to popularize. I’m sure “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “Her,” and “Inside Llewyn Davis” will have some quotes here, but there are none known of at this time. If you know some good ones from any December films please let us know!

This List will be updated until the end of January 2014. 

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Top 10: Potential Cult Classics of 2013

ashley-benson-says-spring-breakers-threesome-scene-was-comfortable1Top 10: Potential Top Classics of 2013

A cult classic is a movie that develops a cult following. A film that many fans may discover at a later time, may quote consistently or may evoke discussion. You can’t determine that a film is a cult classic when it is released. The reviews could be bad or good, the box-office could be bad or good, it doesn’t matter. At this time we can only predict what may become a cult classic in time. So here are the top 10 potential cult classics of 2013: (more…)

Film Analysis: Was “Spring Breakers” genius?

james-francos-character-was-inspired-by-a-local-florida-rapper-named-dangerussFilm Analysis: Was “Spring Breakers” genius?

What can be said about “Spring Breakers”? Critics were divided on the independent art-film. the film received a moderate 65% on Rotten Tomatoes. While some critics couldn’t take to the supposed social commentary, others were quick to call the film a cult classic, often citing an outstanding performance by James Franco as Alien, a rapper who has climbed the financial ladder by becoming a notorious drug/firearm dealer.

Like many art-films before it, “Spring Breakers” often contains bizarre decisions in cinematography, editing and writing. A filmmaker’s creative workflow can often come off as too obvious or even too subtle. I will paraphrase Woody Allen: when the acclaimed filmmaker was asked about the secret to filmmaking he stated that there wasn’t one, you just have a story and you tell it.