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Top 10: Most Anticipated Films of 2016

fassbenderheaderTop 10: Most Anticipated Films of 2016

2016 may be an even more interesting year for the movie industry. We dive deeper into the “Star Wars” franchise, we expand the “Star Trek” and “Harry Potter” franchises and DC Comics arrives super late to the comic book adaptation game.

Some of these films make my top 10, but not all of them. I’ve notably excluded “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” because I’m really not excited for it. I’m also not particularly excited for any Marvel film (“Captain America,” “Deadpool,” “Doctor Strange”), not excited for many reboots such as “Ghostbusters,” and not really excited for sequels such as “Finding Dory” or “Zoolander 2,” even though both could turn out very good.

Here are my personal top 10 starting with some honorable mentions:

Honorable Mentions: Passengers, Assassin’s Creed, Voyage of Time, Midnight Special, The Jungle Book


Oscars: Updated 2016 Oscar Predictions

biopic1Oscars: Updated 2016 Oscar Predictions

We have updated almost every category of our 2016 Oscar Predictions. There are a lot of potentially strong contenders for next year, so we went ahead and got a jump start on our predictions.

New predictions include EVERY CATEGORY including all the technical categories with the exception of Best Documentary, Best Foreign Language Film, and Original Song.

Stay Tuned to our Oscars Page for all updated categories in the current Oscar race and next years Oscar race.

2016 Oscar Predictions

7lCJt7fMCHyxBest Picture
The Revenant
The Hateful Eight
Steve Jobs
Hail, Caesar!
Me & Earl & the Dying Girl

In the Heart of the Sea
Untitled Cold War Spy Thriller

Preview: Predicting the Best Film of 2014

fury_articlePreview: Predicting the Best Film of 2014

Alright, so we’ve started the year off with a couple strong, successful films. “The Lego Movie” landed with a slew of powerful reviews along with the successful Wes Anderson film “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Meanwhile we’ve had some strong independent titles like “Under the Skin” and “Locke” hit the review circuit. Also, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” has already climbed to the top of the annual box office, also presenting strong reviews.

Are any of these films going to be the best of 2014? It’s going to be rough considering the slate we have. We are going to present you with our Top 20 guesses of what could receive the most acclaim and give shout outs to some other films that could be in the mix.

Here is your complete guide to what could be the best film of 2014:


Film Trailer: Neighbors



Last Updated: 12/19/13

Golden Globes: Best Performance by a Lead Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical

3386992Best Lead Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical

Michael Keaton, Birdman
Ralph Fiennes, The Grand Budapest Hotel
Joaquin Phoenix, Inherent Vice
Bill Murray, St. Vincent
Bill Hader, The Skeleton Twins

VOTW: “This is the End” Red Band Trailer

VOTW: This is the End Red Band Trailer

I thought This is the End was looking funny with its first trailer, though it wasn’t completely void of criticism. Many said it just looked like a prolonged College Humor skit. Is that a bad thing? Hopefully the gimmick doesn’t wear thin.

However this longer red band trailer was hilarious. Showing cameos of a lot of today’s comical actors including a guest appearance by Emma Watson which was hysterical. “Hermoine just stole all our shit.”

This trailer is very promising and so far I am very excited for this movie.

Film Review: The Guilt Trip



Film Review: The Guilt Trip

Got invited to an early screening of this film, immediately proceeded by a live QnA with Rogen and Streisand themselves and it was a neat experience. I always love seeing free movies early, even when I don’t necessarily love the movie.

From the release of the trailer I thought the plot looked like it had its limits. The film looked like a one-trick pony. Mom is too motherly to a grown man on a cross-country road trip. Alright, can nearly two hours of that be consistently hilarious? (more…)