Top 20: Alfred Hitchcock Films

granger-hitchcock-stewart-dall_optTop 20: Alfred Hitchcock Films

Alfred Hitchcock is the greatest filmmaker of all time. This is a claim that very few people would ever argue with. His films challenged the limitations of technology and delivered subject matter that many had never seen before.

The list, at a glance, displays some of the all-time greatest films. Many of them are downright masterpieces. So here is our list of the top 20 Alfred Hitchcock films of all time.

Vertigo-4651. Vertigo

It was big news in 2012 when the esteemed Sight & Sound critic’s poll, coordinated by the British Film Institute, had “Vertigo” dethroning “Citizen Kane” as the best film of all time. “Vertigo” received mixed reviews upon its initial release, but is now widely considered one of the most defining works of Hitchcock’s career.

In 2008 it was ranked 40th to the best film of all time by Empire Magazine. In addition to implementing new, innovative filmmaking ideas, including the famous push-pull camera effect, the film is, to this day, regarded as a monumental cinematic achievement.

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