Video Game Preview: What to Expect from E3 2014


Video Game Preview: What to Expect from E3 2014

June 10th is when E3 2014 will begin. We will hear about new technology, and most importantly new next-gen games. E3 2013 seemed to be all about the new consoles (and rightfully so), but a lot of the new games were glossed over. Many games announced last year have been delayed such as “The Witcher 3,” “The Division,” and “Halo 5: Guardians” game.  So expect to hear more about all of these and less about distant future titles. (more…)

Video Game Analysis: What happens when Nintendo is gone?

WiiU_SmashBros_scrnNew02_06_E3Video Game Analysis: What happens when Nintendo is gone?

People have nonchalantly discussed Nintendo’s stagnation when it comes to the technology behind the new Xbox and Sony systems. After the WiiU sales have proved to be highly unsatisfactory, president Satoru Iwata has to be sweating. What is holding this company back?

Nintendo has been around since the beginning. They were consistent both in quality and quantity. They actively competed against Sega and Atari and kept pace with Sony. Nintendo’s transition to three-dimensional gaming was seamless. Releasing hit after hit for the Nintendo 64. Including the highly regarded, greatest video game of all time – “The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.”


Video Game Analysis: Is “Grand Theft Auto V” a masterpiece?

GTAV-reviewVideo Game Analysis: Is “Grand Theft Auto V” a masterpiece?

Almost two months ago the most anticipated game of 2013 was released. “Grand Theft Auto V” was (predictably) a financial and critical success. The game currently holds a 97 average on Metacritic. 35 different Video Game publications gave the game a perfect score. For comparison, “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” (which ranks as the best video game of all time) holds a 99 (with fewer reviews).

The addition of “Grand Theft Auto Online” had a shaky start, but now that all (or most of) the bugs are cleared out, and everyone has had time to experience both multiplayer and single-player, we ask: Is “Grand Theft Auto V” a masterpiece?