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Oscar: “Gravity” vs. “12 Years a Slave”

cuaron-affleck-dga_2802578bOscar: “Gravity” vs. “12 Years a Slave”

Last night Alfonso Cuaron picked up one of the biggest precursor awards for his space epic. It wasn’t a complete surprise when Cuaron’s name was announced; he previously received a Golden Globe for “Gravity” as well. If we have learned anything from this win it is that “12 Years a Slave’s” front-runner status is in danger.

“12 Years a Slave” was the early favorite. People loved “Gravity” when it landed in theaters, but people still said “12 Years a Slave” was the film to beat. When December came around and critic’s awards were being announced you often heard one of the two films being named best picture of 2013 with “Her” and “American Hustle” thrown in intermittently.


Top 10: Movie Moments – 2013

imageTop 10: Movie Moments – 2013


If you haven’t seen a particular film, please scroll past it. Some moments involve the films’ conclusion.

By the time January has come and past, the M10 awards will be announced and we’ll move our film direction toward 2014.

So many great films were release in 2013, but what were the best moments? After watching nearly a hundred films in 2013, we’ve compiled the top 10 scenes that are still lingering in our minds.

Click “More” to see the list.


Oscar: Snubs that could happen

Golden-Globes-Nominations-Oscar-IsaacOscar: Snubs that could happen

There will undoubtedly be some major snubs when the Oscar nominations are announced January 16th. Major front-runners have often been pushed aside. Some say this is because voters won’t pick the obvious choice so they can help an underdog get in.

Unfortunately this helps to eliminate a lot of major front-runners. (Which is said to have happened last year to Ben Affleck for “Argo.”)

So really though, no one is completely safe. So here are list of some obvious choices that could get the booth on the morning of the 16th.


Awards: Golden Globe Nominations – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Niki-Lauda-RushAwards: Golden Globe Nominations – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Many would have strong arguments that state that Golden Globes matter very little to the Oscar race. I think, in some cases, they matter a lot. Even since their slates started showing up more clean (No More “The Tourist” incidents) the H.F.P.A. has been given us some solid selections in each category.

This year there were a couple notable things that occurred. A couple notable films/shows that were left out of contention, and a couple of reasonable twists, and some unreasonable. So let’s take a look at these nominations and see what was good, what was bad, and what was just ugly. (more…)

Awards: Final Golden Globe Predictions


Awards: Final Golden Globe Predictions

One of the most widely acknowledged awards shows will announce its nominees 5:15am PT/8:15am ET. After what we have seen with the Screen Actors Guild nominees you should be expecting attention from “The Butler,” “Enough Said,” and “August: Osage County.” Among the usual front-runners.

After tomorrow the Golden Globes Page will only predict winners of the categories and we’ll see how we did.

So here are the Final Golden Globe Predictions: (more…)

VOTW: THR Director’s Roundtable Full Interview

THR Director’s Roundtable Full Interview

It has become a tradition for The Hollywood Reporter to get some of the top award-contenders of the year together in a room for a group interview.

In this one-hour interview we hear from the following directors:

Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity)
Lee Daniels (Lee Daniels’ The Butler)
Paul Greengrass (Captain Phillips)
Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave)
David O. Russell (American Hustle)
Ben Stiller (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)

Film: Captain Phillips

captain-phillips-international-posterCaptain Phillips
(Oct. 11, 2013; Columbia Pictures)

Summary: The true story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama, the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in two hundred years.

Oscar Prospects: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing

Runner Up: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score

Long Shots: Best Visual Effects


Status: The screening at Toronto let us know that the film is good. Some even stated it was excellent. Then some stated it was by the book. With proper promotion and box-office “Captain Phillips” can go far. Tom Hanks looking like a strong candidate along with a run at the technical Oscar categories.

Projected MetaCritic: 69

The Players

Director: Paul Greengrass
Writer: Billy Ray
Starring: Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi, Catherine Keener
Cinematographer: Barry Ackroyd
Production Designer: Paul Kirby
Editor: Christopher Rouse
Original Music: Henry Jackman

Festival Circuit: Toronto International Film Festival begins – Early Reactions


Festival Circuit: Toronto International Film Festival begins – Early Reactions

“The Fifth Estate,” kicked off Toronto with a mixed response despite strong performances from Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruhl.

Meanwhile, “Captain Phillips” was privately screened to the press and mostly positive reviews have come through for it. Primarily citing the performances of Tom Hanks and newcomer Barkhad Abdi.

“Enough Said” screens to bigger crowd today, but was met with some positive reactions mostly addressing the pleasantness of seeing Gandolfini post-mordem.


Film Trailer: Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips

Trailer 2