TV Analysis: Is “Heroes Reborn” a good idea?

TV Analysis: Is “Heroes Reborn” a good idea?

“An iconic series that still commands a rabid fan base, “Heroes” will return to the network in 2015 as an event miniseries with original creator and executive producer Tim Kring at the helm, it was announced today by NBC President Jennifer Salke.”

“NBC has ordered 13 episodes for a new stand-alone story arc entitled “Heroes Reborn,” with all details of storylines and characters being kept under wraps.”

The press release mentions the impact that the original television series had in 2006. It also mentions the launch of a digital series prior to the 2015 premiere that will introduce the new charactes and new storylines.


TV: 2014 TV Show Schedule – Midseason Returns and New Arrival Air Dates


TV: 2014 TV Show Schedule – Midseason Returns and New Arrival Air-Dates

We have compiled a spreadsheet of every single show returning in 2014 including their air dates and air times. You can see the entire listing below.

Keep in mind that shows set to return on a later date are more subject to change than earlier dates. We will update the spreadsheet accordingly. If there is anything we need to add please let us know. (more…)

Analysis: A great film critic passes away


Analysis: A great film critic passes away

Great is an under statement here. Roger Ebert was the face of film criticism. He died April, 04 2013 in Chicago. He was 70. I have followed Roger’s reviews and posts for a long time now, probably the majority of my life. I got into film criticism when I was eleven and I started watching reruns of Siskel & Ebert. At the time Roger was reviewing films with Richard Roeper.

I kept watching these review shows, till the point I stopped seeing Roger Ebert. He suffered from various health problems, among them was cancer from 2002. It got to the point where he had to speak through an electronic voice modulator. This didn’t stop him from writing reviews for the Chicago Sun-Times. (more…)