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Top 10: Television Shows on Right Now

Game-of-Thrones-584585Top 10: Television Shows on Right Now

I felt a little reluctant writing this up because I have not seen all of the great shows on TV today. So if your favorite isn’t on here, it’s not because I’m a “complete idiot.” It may just be because I haven’t seen it yet.

I’m watching somewhere between 20 and 30 shows that are currently still running. I thought about doing this as a top 5, but the top 10 are all fantastic and deserve recognition.

So here are the Top 10 Television Shows on Right Now:

house-of-cards-season-3-210. House of Cards

I got into “House of Cards” a little late and I never felt like I fully fell in love with it. Still, it is consistently tense and well-written.  It is currently on its third season, which was its weakest, however the show continues to educate us about the complex mannerisms of Washington as well as its anti-protagonist Frank Underwood.

TV Analysis: You should watch “Rick and Morty”


TV Analysis: You should watch “Rick and Morty”

Inspired by co-creator Justin Roiland’s Channel 101 shorts “The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti,” “Rick and Morty” is an animated series that follows the wacky adventures of a dysfunctional family including the grandfather Rick. Rick is a mad scientist inspired by Doc Brown from “Back to the Future.” The series has also been compared to “Doctor Who,” Harmon states while comparing the shows – “We want to hang out with the Doctor, we idolize the Doctor, but we don’t think like him, and that’s really interesting, Rick is diseased, he’s mentally ill, he’s an absolute lunatic because he lives on this larger scale.”

And that’s just what “Rick and Morty” is. Diseased (in a good way), mentally ill (also in a good way), and filled with lunacy. You should be watching this unique show and you can catch it on Adult Swim. The show was picked up in the latter half of 2013 to a 10-episode first season and has been renewed for a second. (more…)