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TV Trailer: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver


Last Updated: 03/09/14

John Oliver was a great asset to “The Daily Show.” And I think we can all agree that HBO needs to explore more uncut world-news-mockery.

TV Analysis: Community – A Modern Television Cult Classic

Community - Season 5

TV Analysis: Community – A Modern Television Cult Classic

The first three episodes of “Community’s” fifth season have come and passed. The show is currently hitting series high points with critics; while ratings seem to remain consistently mediocre. There have been many merits for the new season, but one commonly noted disadvantage is that the new material didn’t exactly help open the door to newcomers.

“Community” has a significantly strong fanbase that has reignited the show’s dim flame on several occasions. Unfortunately it’s not an easy show to fall in love with and it never has been. (more…)

VOTW: John Oliver’s “Daily Show” send-off

John Oliver’s “Daily Show” send-off

The actual send-off takes a couple bits in this video to kick in, but it sure is an emotional one. Giving us montages of the best of John Oliver while Oliver is seemingly taken by surprise by everything. By the end of the montages he is seen in tears, which isn’t something we usually see from the comedian.

John Oliver will be departing from “The Daily Show” to develop his own show, and will appear as a regular on Season 5 of “Community.”