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iOS Review: Paper Toss Friends



iOS Review: Paper Toss Friends
by Matthew Durham

Many years ago the iPhone was spawned into the brilliant minds at Apple. With the iPhone came several installable apps, many of which were games. Paper Toss was one of the first games available on the iPhone and it was very successful.

The premise is incredibly basic, you are in an office setting and attempting to shoot a ball of paper into a garbage bin. There were difficulty settings on how far back the bin usually was.

The catch was that there was a fan that would offset your through that you had to compensate for. Sometimes that fan speed would read .01 and you were able to flick your finger straight to get it in. Other times it would read 5.89 and you’d have to aim completely out of the way left or right to get it in. (more…)

iPhone App Review: Flick Kick Football



iPhone App Review: Flick Kick Football


I haven’t done an App review in awhile, which is odd mainly because I am constantly playing around with the new and hyped apps that hit Apple’s App store. (Say that ten times fast.) Anyways, I’ve played this game a little over two weeks know. I downloaded it undoubtedly from it’s high reviews on the App Store. iPhone App Games are never nearly as fun as actual Video Games or as enticing, iPhone App games usually embraced the arcade format. Which is not always a bad thing, whenever they’ve tried to throw a narrative in an iPhone game it has come up short. Just an observation.

Anyways, Flick Kick Football is one of those games I have been clicking on for awhile now in times of boredom. I usually play online with a random opponent, but when the connection is bad I play in the Arcade Mode. This game has various game types, something for everyone. The concept as simple as it looks in the picture above, try to get the ball in the net by flicking your finger forward. What makes it interesting is there are methods to your flick that can cause the ball to go higher, lower, or curve around the cardboard opposing team.

In pretty much all modes of the game, hitting the goal becomes increasingly difficult as the game goes on. There are many ways they can improve the online system, Multiplayer generally makes most games amazing, but in this game  your opponents can drop out often, and things become repetitive as time goes by. While I believe Arcade Mode is the best feature it also can get repetitive after awhile.

The game ties out with OpenFeint so you can win achievements and keep track of your gaming statistics, a small plus. Overall, it’s a very basic iPhone game and it is one of the better ones. It’s not nearly worth the five stars the app gives it, then again I have never really been thoroughly impressed with an iPhone App that’s not defaulted onto the phone.

Final Score: 3/5