SideNote: First and Final Frames

The interpretation is yours, but some of these side by sides of the first and final frames of popular movies are pretty surreal.

SideNote: “The Dark Knight” voted best Christopher Nolan film

2728309-nolan_ledgerSideNote: “The Dark Knight” voted best Christopher Nolan film

Well, who saw this coming? For our November monthly poll we asked users to vote for their favorite Christopher Nolan movie. “The Dark Knight” nearly doubled second place contender “Inception’s” score.

“The Dark Knight” received 37.5% of the votes while “Inception” received 16.67%. Third place was a tie between “Memeto” and “The Prestige” at 12.5% while his new film “Interstellar” made the fifth place slot at 8.33%.

Some critics proclaimed “Interstellar” to be his best film. Well there are four other movies that beg to differ.

Keep making movies Mr. Nolan, we’ll keep watching.

VOTW: “Back to Camera” Montage


This ones pretty cool. A montage of a bunch of reverse angles throughout cinema history. There are old movies and some very new ones in the bunch. As much of a strong supporter I am for the storytelling and editing art of film, Cinematography is practically in a league of its own.

When I learned Cinematography in film school it was truly interesting how it was half creative and half mathematical. Lighting and composition are strenuous tests of the left and right side of the human brain. And some people are truly talented in this field.

Your/My Top 10: Films of the Decade so Far 2010-2013


Top 20: Films of the Decade so Far 2010-2013

Judging by the amount of inevitable criticism I have been receiving since putting some unconventional films on my end of the year lists, I figured I’d make the image above one of my favorites, which is sure to be a cult hit, but not necessarily remembered in time.

The first list I’m going to have is all the films from the past three years (including 2013 so far, even though no film is actually included yet) factoring in the critical scores via MetaCritic and Rotten Tomatoes along with the cultural impact of the film.

I have included my top 20 as well which is vastly different: (more…)

Top 10: Movies of the Decade So far 2010 – 2012

I have compiled two Top 10 lists here. The first is statistically what the Top 10 films are based on User reviews and Critic reviews alike from websites such as: MetaCritic, RottenTomatoes and IMDB