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Top 20: Episodes of “Community”

Community - Season 4Top 20: Episodes of “Community”

Many hearts were broken when NBC announced that it wouldn’t be picking up cult-favorite comedy “Community” for a sixth season. Hope sprung that Sony was shopping the show around so that it may receive it’s sixth season, and maybe even a movie, but the light is fading quickly as TV Line reports that Hulu has abandoned acquiring the show.

I hope that in a few months I can take this post down as new episodes of the show are released from another outlet, but for now we have compiled the best episodes of the series.

Here are the Top 20: Episodes of “Community”: (more…)

Film Trailer: Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame

Trailer 1

Last Updated: 01/23/14

Elizabeth Banks looks hilarious here, great to see she is exploring more lead roles. The trailer is funny, we just have to hope that it didn’t consume all the good material.

TV Analysis: Community – A Modern Television Cult Classic

Community - Season 5

TV Analysis: Community – A Modern Television Cult Classic

The first three episodes of “Community’s” fifth season have come and passed. The show is currently hitting series high points with critics; while ratings seem to remain consistently mediocre. There have been many merits for the new season, but one commonly noted disadvantage is that the new material didn’t exactly help open the door to newcomers.

“Community” has a significantly strong fanbase that has reignited the show’s dim flame on several occasions. Unfortunately it’s not an easy show to fall in love with and it never has been. (more…)

TV Trailer: Community – Season 5

Community – Season 5

Extended Trailer

Last Updated: 12/15/13

So excited for this to comeback. The new trailer didn’t really show us anything special, but it is definitely Community. So excited for another season of shenanigans.