SideNote: First and Final Frames

The interpretation is yours, but some of these side by sides of the first and final frames of popular movies are pretty surreal.

Film Trailer: Frank



Last Updated: 03/09/14

If anything stood out on the Sundance slate before the festival, it was this bizarre film. The trailer looks like something different and unique. Michael Fassbender, coming off an Oscar-Nomination for “12 Years a Slave.” Looks to be really developing a strong resume as one of the greatest working actors out there today.

Oscar: Way too Early 2015 Oscar Predictions – Round 2

asdOscar: Way too Early 2015 Oscar Predictions – Round 2

If you checked out our previous list, there were a lot of films still not considered. We’ve compiled everything to make this next list. It’s 2014 now and even though the 2013 award circuit hasn’t completed, it is about time that we start looking toward the future.

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