the-wolf-among-us-episode-4-1-1024x576Video Game Review: The Wolf Among Us

Telltale made a giant leap into the video game industry in 2012, when it’s five-episode series “The Walking Dead,” based off of Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel series of the same name, was christened¬†“Game of the Year” from an assortment of publications. Shortly after they distributed another five-episode series adapted from another graphic novel titled “Fables” by Bill Willingham.

In “The Wolf Among Us” you play as Bigby, more commonly known as The Big Bad Wolf. In this story, characters who originated in many classic fables make appearances attempt to live normal lives in a New York-style city named Fabletown. In order to live these normal lives a fable must obey the town’s laws, which includes use a magic called “glamour” in order to disguise themselves as the average, run-of-the-mill citizen.