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Hypothetical Casting: Y – The Last Man

Guerra-Pia-Y-the-Last-ManHypothetical Casting: Y – The Last Man

One of the most beloved comic series of the new millennium, “Y: The Last Man” was slated to be adapted a couple years ago. Unfortunately the last real news report about the project came in January when we learned that New Line Cinema was on the verge of losing the rights to the project unless they were to start production soon.

Originally “Distrubia” director D.J Caruso was slated to direct the project. Comic creator Brian K. Vaughn had written a screenplay that condensed the whole series into one film. Caruso wanted to fight to make it a trilogy given the comic series long length. Honestly, I trust Vaughn, but this series needs more than just one film. (more…)

Film Trailer: Charlie Countryman

Charlie Countryman

Trailer 1

Last Updated: 10/15/13

Looks… mysterious. A nice variety in cast, and a darkened independent feel. Hard to tell if it’ll actually be good or not from the trailer, but I’m intrigued.

Film Trailer: A Case of You

A Case of You

Trailer 1

Last Updated: 09/26/13

The trailer looks very bland. Though the cast at hand has proven to be talented with Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood, and Peter Dinklage, the premise looks recycled and dull. With a single rotten review on Rotten Tomatoes, I predict more will follow.