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SN: “Star Wars: Battlefront” Beta impressions

featuredImage.imgSN: “Star Wars: Battlefront” Beta impressions

Months ago we talked about the potential of EA reinventing a very successful multiplayer franchise.

This past week gamers have been giving the beta a run for there money. The beta offers a short single/co-operative survival mode mission, along with two MASSIVE multiplayer game types.

First thing when logging onto the survival mode that I saw – Split Screen. Hell, yes. It’s long time game companies stop pretending that every family can afford multiple consoles and online accounts.

Video Game Preview: What to Expect from E3 2014


Video Game Preview: What to Expect from E3 2014

June 10th is when E3 2014 will begin. We will hear about new technology, and most importantly new next-gen games. E3 2013 seemed to be all about the new consoles (and rightfully so), but a lot of the new games were glossed over. Many games announced last year have been delayed such as “The Witcher 3,” “The Division,” and “Halo 5: Guardians” game.  So expect to hear more about all of these and less about distant future titles. (more…)