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SideNote: “Destiny,” “Borderlands,” and the endless grind

2418811-destinynewscreenshot21SideNote: “Destiny,” “Borderlands,” and the endless grind

MMO video games have become more popular in the world of console gaming. “Destiny” is a more recent installment that received many mixed reactions. The problem? Well the words “repetitive” and “grind” often came up.

Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to pop in, or even buy “Destiny” yet. Instead I’ve jumped back in time and purchased a cheaper copy of “Borderlands.” Halfway into “Borderlands” and… there are some issues.

Hypothetical Casting: Dead Island

di.riptide.01.lgHypothetical Casting: Dead Island

“Deep Silver has created a highly successful game franchise based on very cinematic, widely viewed and well received trailers, which provide a great template for launching a film franchise with a distinctive and commercial take on the zombie apocalypse,” said Occupant Entertainment’s Joe Neurauter and Felipe Marino.

Deep Silver found a new partner in Occupant Entertainment after a 2011 movie deal with Lionsgate expired. The film is reportedly going to be based on either the first or second game or “something in between.”

The games are more renowned for their MMO take on a zombie apocalypse. The gameplay is very fun, but the stories for both games have been subpar to say the least. It’s a typical zombie story. What drives the idea of a “Dead Island” film further though are the exceptional trailers (each could be considered short films).

With this recent update we have to wonder who will play the five main characters in this franchise.

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Video Game Review: Dead Island

Video Game Review: Dead Island

Bored on a day off, got a call from a friend to buy this $20 XBOX 360 game called Dead Island. I trust his opinion and the game was real cheap and better late than never I discovered the arousing addiction of an online Zombie RPG. During the first Chapter of the Prologue the game was really scary, I can’t usually get into frightening games too easily, but once I got into the main game and had the help of my friends online it was nothing but wild entertainment.