How “Life is Strange” devastated me

maxresdefaultHow “Life is Strange” devastated me

“Post-Game Depression” is what I heard it referred to on the “Life is Strange” subreddit where people shared their feelings of hopelessness and despair following the Dontrod hit game series.

I’ve experienced this before. It happened when I finished the “Mass Effect” franchise as well as when one of my favorite shows “Community” concluded. There have been games and shows that I’ve loved more, and I could definitely rank several games over “Life is Strange,” but even with those I haven’t felt this kind of post-depression.

For those who’ve played, “Life is Strange” lets you pick between two tragic endings. And the endings aren’t bad like it was for “Mass Effect 3,” or even the saddest outcome I’ve seen in a video game. No, it wasn’t the ending, it was the world. I was brought into Arcadia Bay, I was nosy and explored everything and everywhere, read every journal entry, conversed with all the characters. The characters were diverse, unique, and I got to know them.

Then it was over.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, when post-depression happens, it’s not a result of the destination, but of the journey. Back when I was crippled by not being able to visit the “Mass Effect” characters anymore, I learned that to cure this depression you have to keep playing. You have to keep watching.

And though I could replay “Life is Strange,” I will never experience it for the first time again, but that’s okay. It’s rare, but there will be other games, and other shows, that will have a world worth the depression. I am continually astounded at how art can change and evolve us at an emotional level.

It wasn’t perfect, but I loved “Life is Strange.” I will recommend it with caution to my friends and family. I will likely never play it again, but I will find that same kind of rare investment in the future. And I can’t wait for that to happen.

Top 20: Episodes of “Community”

Community - Season 4Top 20: Episodes of “Community”

Many hearts were broken when NBC announced that it wouldn’t be picking up cult-favorite comedy “Community” for a sixth season. Hope sprung that Sony was shopping the show around so that it may receive it’s sixth season, and maybe even a movie, but the light is fading quickly as TV Line reports that Hulu has abandoned acquiring the show.

I hope that in a few months I can take this post down as new episodes of the show are released from another outlet, but for now we have compiled the best episodes of the series.

Here are the Top 20: Episodes of “Community”: (more…)

Preview: Predicting the Best Television Series of 2014

leadPreview: Predicting the Best Television Series of 2014

With many new spectacular shows, and many great shows returning, you can easily find yourself speechless in a conversation about the best of 2014. Now that arguably one of the greatest shows of all-time is finished – “Breaking Bad.” Who will take the throne?

Keep in mind there are many unannounced fall television shows that could spring up and take out any of these titles, we have taken into account some of these fall shows, but it will be awhile before we really know what will be on the slate at the end of this year.

So here is our list for potentially the best shows of 2014:


Film Trailer: Harmontown



Last Updated: 03/09/14

As a huge fan of “Community” I can’t wait to check out this documentary. Although I believe that fans give Harmon too much credit for the success of “Community.” It’s a collaboration effort with a great cast, crew, writers. Just a bunch of talented people coming together to create great art. Harmon is a strong leader though and he has found and brought all these talented people together. This documentary looks to reveal a darker side to his termination from “Community.” It looks personal. Could be good.

Emmys: Best Lead Actor – Comedy

jim-parsons-mayim-bialik-the-big-bang-theoryBest Lead Actor – Comedy

Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
Louis CK, Louie
Ricky Gervais, Derek
Don Cheadle, House of Lies
Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Matt LeBlanc, Episodes

Emmys: Best Television Series – Comedy


Modern Family
The Big Bang Theory
Orange is the New Black
Silicon Valley

TV Analysis: Community – A Modern Television Cult Classic

Community - Season 5

TV Analysis: Community – A Modern Television Cult Classic

The first three episodes of “Community’s” fifth season have come and passed. The show is currently hitting series high points with critics; while ratings seem to remain consistently mediocre. There have been many merits for the new season, but one commonly noted disadvantage is that the new material didn’t exactly help open the door to newcomers.

“Community” has a significantly strong fanbase that has reignited the show’s dim flame on several occasions. Unfortunately it’s not an easy show to fall in love with and it never has been. (more…)

TV: 2014 TV Show Schedule – Midseason Returns and New Arrival Air Dates

TV: 2014 TV Show Schedule – Midseason Returns and New Arrival Air-Dates

We have compiled a spreadsheet of every single show returning in 2014 including their air dates and air times. You can see the entire listing below.

Keep in mind that shows set to return on a later date are more subject to change than earlier dates. We will update the spreadsheet accordingly. If there is anything we need to add please let us know. (more…)

VOTW: John Oliver’s “Daily Show” send-off

John Oliver’s “Daily Show” send-off

The actual send-off takes a couple bits in this video to kick in, but it sure is an emotional one. Giving us montages of the best of John Oliver while Oliver is seemingly taken by surprise by everything. By the end of the montages he is seen in tears, which isn’t something we usually see from the comedian.

John Oliver will be departing from “The Daily Show” to develop his own show, and will appear as a regular on Season 5 of “Community.”

TV Trailer: Community – Season 5

Community – Season 5

Extended Trailer

Last Updated: 12/15/13

So excited for this to comeback. The new trailer didn’t really show us anything special, but it is definitely Community. So excited for another season of shenanigans.