VOTW: “Back to Camera” Montage


This ones pretty cool. A montage of a bunch of reverse angles throughout cinema history. There are old movies and some very new ones in the bunch. As much of a strong supporter I am for the storytelling and editing art of film, Cinematography is practically in a league of its own.

When I learned Cinematography in film school it was truly interesting how it was half creative and half mathematical. Lighting and composition are strenuous tests of the left and right side of the human brain. And some people are truly talented in this field.

Film Review: Room 237


Film Review: Room 237

When I heard that there was a documentary out there about all the wild conspiracies behind Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining how could I resist? I love the film, it is brilliantly made and (as mentioned in the documentary) not many mysterious films can make you analyze and question its purpose 33 years after its release.

I didn’t realize people had conspiracy theories about The Shining until recently however, when I read an article and watched some Youtube videos about how Stanley Kubrick used the film to admit to the world his guilt of falsely recording the Apollo 11 moon landing. Crazy and outlandish right?  (more…)

Film Analysis: Can Visual Effects tell a story alone?

Film Analysis: Can Visual Effects tell a story alone?
by Greg Penn

With the current release of the film Samsara, I’d like to talk about using time lapse as a narrative in films and television shows. Many of you are already familiar with what time lapses are and how to create one. But for those who are not, simply put a time lapse is a set of photos taken at regular intervals, that when stitched together create a movie showing time passing at high speed.