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Top 10: Potential Cult Classics of 2013

ashley-benson-says-spring-breakers-threesome-scene-was-comfortable1Top 10: Potential Top Classics of 2013

A cult classic is a movie that develops a cult following. A film that many fans may discover at a later time, may quote consistently or may evoke discussion. You can’t determine that a film is a cult classic when it is released. The reviews could be bad or good, the box-office could be bad or good, it doesn’t matter. At this time we can only predict what may become a cult classic in time. So here are the top 10 potential cult classics of 2013: (more…)

Film Trailer: Repentance


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Last Updated: 11/21/13

Film Trailer: Runner Runner

Runner Runner

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Film Review: Gangster Squad


Film Review: Gangster Squad

When the trailer first released in 2012 showing off it’s amazing star-filled cast I was excited about this movie. It looked very well shot, and stylized in a unique, aesthetically pleasing way. I’m not a die hard fan of any of the actors, but they are all very good in the movies I’ve seen them in.

Then the dreadful theater shooting in Aurora happened which delayed the release of the film, considering they had a seen that involved a shoot out in a movie theater (which was re-shot and changed.) Finally the film was released back in January to some pretty bad reviews, and I thought… How bad can it be? (more…)