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Oscar: “Gravity” vs. “12 Years a Slave”

cuaron-affleck-dga_2802578bOscar: “Gravity” vs. “12 Years a Slave”

Last night Alfonso Cuaron picked up one of the biggest precursor awards for his space epic. It wasn’t a complete surprise when Cuaron’s name was announced; he previously received a Golden Globe for “Gravity” as well. If we have learned anything from this win it is that “12 Years a Slave’s” front-runner status is in danger.

“12 Years a Slave” was the early favorite. People loved “Gravity” when it landed in theaters, but people still said “12 Years a Slave” was the film to beat. When December came around and critic’s awards were being announced you often heard one of the two films being named best picture of 2013 with “Her” and “American Hustle” thrown in intermittently.


Top 10: Movie Moments – 2013

imageTop 10: Movie Moments – 2013


If you haven’t seen a particular film, please scroll past it. Some moments involve the films’ conclusion.

By the time January has come and past, the M10 awards will be announced and we’ll move our film direction toward 2014.

So many great films were release in 2013, but what were the best moments? After watching nearly a hundred films in 2013, we’ve compiled the top 10 scenes that are still lingering in our minds.

Click “More” to see the list.


Oscar: Final Nomination Predictions


Oscar: Final Nomination Predictions

Here are our final Oscar Predictions. The nominations will be announced tomorrow morning. Our Oscar page will promptly be updated to predicted the candidates most likely to win after the nomination announcement.

Here are our predictions:


Awards: Golden Globe Nominations – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Niki-Lauda-RushAwards: Golden Globe Nominations – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Many would have strong arguments that state that Golden Globes matter very little to the Oscar race. I think, in some cases, they matter a lot. Even since their slates started showing up more clean (No More “The Tourist” incidents) the H.F.P.A. has been given us some solid selections in each category.

This year there were a couple notable things that occurred. A couple notable films/shows that were left out of contention, and a couple of reasonable twists, and some unreasonable. So let’s take a look at these nominations and see what was good, what was bad, and what was just ugly. (more…)

Awards: Final Golden Globe Predictions


Awards: Final Golden Globe Predictions

One of the most widely acknowledged awards shows will announce its nominees 5:15am PT/8:15am ET. After what we have seen with the Screen Actors Guild nominees you should be expecting attention from “The Butler,” “Enough Said,” and “August: Osage County.” Among the usual front-runners.

After tomorrow the Golden Globes Page will only predict winners of the categories and we’ll see how we did.

So here are the Final Golden Globe Predictions: (more…)

Film Trailer: Nebraska


Teaser 1

Last Updated: 09/17/13

After a strong reaction at Cannes, Alexander Payne’s “Nebraska” instantly became an Oscar hopeful. Attempting to follow the steps of Payne’s earlier melancholy comedies “The Descendants” and “Sideways.” The trailer definitely look like it could be a film to get behind, it looks funny, it looks sweet. I for one will always be in line for an Alexander Payne film.

Festival Circuit: Telluride and Venice – What we’ve seen.

Blue-is-the-warmest-colorFestival Circuit: Telluride and Venice – What we’ve seen.

The 2013 Palme d’Or winner “Blue is the Warmest Color,” made a reprise earlier this week, continuing it’s strring of positive reviews and momentum.

At this point, several films have been seen at Telluride and Venice and here are some of the key films that have been seen and initial reactions to them:

VOTW: “The Way Way Back” Trailer

VOTW: The Way Way Back Trailer
A lot of pretty fantastic trailers came out this past week. Two of them looking like they could gain award momentum come Oscar season. Those two being the new Ron Howard/Peter Morgan collaboration for Rush and a new science fiction epic from the mastermind behind District 9 Neil Blomkamp titled Elysium. 

Both trailers are definitely worth a look, but what really stood out to me on the trailer market was Nat Faxon and Jim Rash’s The Way Way Back. I understand “From the Producer’s of Little Miss Sunshine” doesn’t exactly seal the deal (they seem to be producing everything) but the Rash/Faxon team seems like a nice mix ever since they co-wrote The Descendants with Alexander Payne and won their Oscars.

Plus the trailer looks genuinely funny. The film has already received reviews out of Sundance that are mixed to positive, enough to make it seem like it’ll be good, but not award-worthy. The trailer made me excited to see it though and here it is for you guys!