Hot Take: #StarWars #RiseofSkywalker Final Trailer

I’m a big fan again, I swear!

The worst part about not being a fan of Force Awakens or The Last Jedi in the Twitterverse is that I’m immediately lumped in and generalized with the rest of the haters. Except some of the haters… just kind of need to grow up.

I was at Fantastic Fest and kept joking with my friend that I was going to have a “real talk” with Rian Johnson about The Last Jedi (I never actually planned to do it, if anything I’d just pick his brain about filmmaking in general since I’ve loved all his other works). Around the time of his arrival my friend pulled me aside and said “Don’t say anything about Last Jedi.

I reaffirmed that I had never intended to, and he mentioned that the Alamo Drafthouse brought in extra security after Rian Johnson received some death threats – are you fucking kidding me?


Matt Mentions: The Mixed Messaging in #Hustlers

I liked it. Don’t get me wrong.

I love how strong the story is, a true story, about these former-strippers turned robbers. It’s a rare female-drive anti-hero flick that does so many things right. Except sometimes… it’s messaging gets a little mixed.

Hear me out.

Through the narrative framing of Destiny (Constance Wu) telling her story to a journalist (Elizabeth played by Julia Stiles) we hear a lot expository dialogue about how we’re meant to “feel” about the crimes these women are committing.


Matt Mentions: The #Joker Controversy

For those who need a quick update and any and all things “Joker controversy” The Thrillist has a great breakdown here.

From the beginning the “Joker will inspire violence” controversy was silly and entirely manufactured. At any moment ANY work of art (Music, Movies, Shows) can influence violence. The thing is though it’s been disproven in study after study that the weight of that influence is minimal.

Art has been a scapegoat since paintings and books were considered demonic and often burnt. Again, influence and desensitization are applicable, but to a degree that is fractional. If someone is troubled enough to commit a massive attack of violence – some other more fucked up shit has happened to them in their life.


#Parasite won’t leave me head!

No, I don’t need to see a doctor.

Bong Joon-ho’s film Parasite is great – fun fact. I’ve seen so many great films, but only a handful of them have rocked me to my core.



#FantasticFest Day 4 Reactions – #DolemiteIsMyName, Ride Your Wave, and Fractured

Dolemite Is My Name (★★★)

I enjoyed this film so much. A lot of it follows the structure of a typical Ed Wood-style biopic. What makes it stand out are the performances of EVERY SINGLE ACTOR in this film. Everyone brings such passion to their roles. Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes are the stand-outs. It’s an incredible story of persistence that is well worth seeing when it drops on Netflix.

Fractured (★★★)

What a thrill. In many mystery-driven films like this you find yourself trying to predict the outcome. I was 50/50 the whole film and still surprised by every twist and turn. The clues hidden in the dialogue, background, and small details add such depth to the film, and replay value. It’s a textbook solid thriller that I highly recommend.

Ride Your Wave (★★★)

This film warmed my heart so much. It deals so delicately with themes of grief and perseverance. It was such a great release from all the dread and cryptic films I had seen at the festival. A solid story, with unique/interesting characters, that gave me goosebumps a number of times – something a film hasn’t done in quite some time.

#FantasticFest Day 2 Schedule featuring #ColorOutofSpace

Long day today! After 3 consecutive movies I felt a bit fatigued. My eyes were straining hard during “The Happiness of the Katakuris,” didn’t help that I really didn’t enjoy that film – but I’ll post my reactions in a bit.

Today I’m most excited for “Color Out of Space” starring Nicolas Cage and adapted from a short story by H.P. Lovecraft – right up my alley. My groups is going to see “The Golden Glove” in the 2:30 slot, but I don’t do well with excessive gore, so I chose “Happy Face.”

It’s not that I can’t handle the gore, it’s just that I get annoyed when it’s gratuitous. A shot lingers on blooding, organs gushing too long and I think “Okay, I get it.”

Really looking forward to the debates tonight too! This being my first legit film festival I see the panels as being a way to give my eyes a break from the screen. Also I love a good debate.

#FantasticFest Day 1 Schedule featuring #JojoRabbit

“Jojo Rabbit” will kick off my Fantastic Fest experience! Director/co-star Taika Waititi is planning on being in attendance, but running into him would only be a bonus. This is one of my most anticipated films at the festival.

Earlier this year it was one of the top contenders in my Oscar Predictions. It fell down quite a few notches after it premiered in Toronto to some divisive reviews. Although the reviews are mixed to moderately-high the film went on to win the Audience award at TIFF.