I’m a big fan again, I swear!

The worst part about not being a fan of Force Awakens or The Last Jedi in the Twitterverse is that I’m immediately lumped in and generalized with the rest of the haters. Except some of the haters… just kind of need to grow up.

I was at Fantastic Fest and kept joking with my friend that I was going to have a “real talk” with Rian Johnson about The Last Jedi (I never actually planned to do it, if anything I’d just pick his brain about filmmaking in general since I’ve loved all his other works). Around the time of his arrival my friend pulled me aside and said “Don’t say anything about Last Jedi.

I reaffirmed that I had never intended to, and he mentioned that the Alamo Drafthouse brought in extra security after Rian Johnson received some death threats – are you fucking kidding me?

It’s a tough, yet fascinating situation. The most beloved, admired franchise since its inception that millions of people have shaped their identity around. In my opinion it has been woefully mishandled by Disney and Kathleen Kennedy. There have been some real ramifications for this to – box office numbers are down, the hype isn’t there anymore.

Like the Marvel films they feel inauthentic, lacking risk, and filled to the brim with plot holes, cliches, and boring characters.

But any fucker talking shit to an actor or actress on Twitter, any fucker making threats.. Well, if you’re reading this what you really need to do is stop blaming other people for the issues in your life, take anything in pop-culture less seriously, and move on.

If the original trilogy is the only trilogy canon for you – then it is. That’s it. You don’t need Disney to fall in line to your will. You, the viewer and fan, decide what is canon. Don’t let the world dictate that.

Moving on, this is a great trailer. Well edited, and dear GOD John Williams’ score is the sexiest thing I’ve ever experienced. Will it be good? At this moment my prediction is that it’ll be the best of the new trilogy, but will easily fail the test with life-long fans of the franchise – there’s no way around that.

Will I enjoy it? We’ll see. Every film I see I do my best to clear my brain of biases and go in with an open mind and heart. To be honest, the moment that logo comes up with Williams’ classic score, the film will have me under its spell.

Criticism is important in all walks of life. It’s how we let marketers know where our minds are at. People are voting with their money on Star Wars right now and with their comments. Unfortunately there’s a lot of noise shrouding actual substantive arguments, similar to what we see in online political discourse. Meanwhile on the other end, we have a studio so dominant and a LA political bubble and we’ve seen a lot more belittling of groups of people that dislike these films.

Star Wars The Last Jedi has a huge disparity between critics and users on Rotten Tomatoes. Ask anyone on the street how they felt about The Last Jedi and your answer is going to be 50/50. Ask a critic in Hollywood that’s bought and paid for by Disney? “All that haters are just bitter fanboys that don’t like change!”

With all that said I’m excited for the volatile discourse around Rise of Skywalker that’ll plague our Twitter feeds into the new year.