Thanks for visiting my blog!

Looking forward to my first ever upper-tier film festival.

My plan is to write about EVERY movie I see and my experience along the way. I am on the flight to Austin, TX right now.

My first time flying over pure ocean:

I created this blog, God knows how long ago. My whole life I’d compile lists and write about movies, shows and games for fun. My thought process became: If I’m going to write it anyway, why not publish it?

For those who don’t know me; my name is Matthew Durham. I have a bachelor’s in film and work as a Television Editor – currently the lead editor for Swing Expedition on NBC GOLF.

I watch things a bit differently having edited for 7 years now.

The Media 10 was this blog’s old name. I didn’t maintain it, averaging around 10-20 viewers a day.

I told myself: “with all the movie blogs out there, how am I different?”

I didn’t have an answer. But now have a… sort of/kind of answer.

I still enjoy predicting awards shows such as Oscars, Golden Globes, and Emmys – that’ll never change.

Often visiting other blogs I realized I can be different in these ways: personalization, ad free (will never change), and really sell myself and my opinions.

It won’t be for everyone, but it’s not meant to be. What makes my opinions so special? Short answer: They aren’t . But here I am presenting it, unapologetically, and hope you enjoy reading!