I’ll get straight to the point – A petition is not the way to criticize Game of Thrones.

It’s not the way to criticize anything. Collaborative art (movies, TV, music etc.) is delivered to us on the backbone of a lot of intense labor. The person who is passionate and works hard to create something, a person who is truly vulnerable, doesn’t deserve our relentless scorn.

Displaced aggression is often an issue here too. How much criticism is appropriate though? Maybe criticizing Kelly Marie Tran for her character’s blandness in “The Last Jedi” is displaced – actually it absolutely is.

But a part of the displaced aggression we have overt aggression. Benioff and Weiss are the show-runners of “Game of Thrones” and they’ve made a lot of mistakes, more so as the series went on, but they worked hard and put their vulnerabilities out there – they did the best they could.

Did they though? Or did they sell out? Every time we examine these things closely there as spectrum of variables that we’re dealing with – maybe they fought tooth and nail for creative decisions that never came to fruition.

We should always be comfortable criticizing art. Many popular critics break things down to platitudes and hyperbole just to get their article more ad-space revenue. Unfortunately these financial intentions will always be present, and that same philosophy trickles down through studio executives.

I’ve been often critical of the Marvel franchises for being exploitative for financial gain. A lot of the franchise lacks risk and creativity – this is a side effect. You would also never catch in Twitter throwing shade at the actors, filmmakers etc. Who, in this case, are all extraordinarily talented individuals.

You also wouldn’t see me writing up a petition, or signing one. It’s more difficult to accept the outcome of the franchises that motivate you and shape who you are as a person. Many people integrate part of their identity from franchises like Marvel, Game of Thrones, or Star Wars.

The positivity of art – the grand influence it has over us. How defensive it makes us become when we are critical of it. Sometimes we need to take a note from the stages of grief – acceptance is good. Move on. The next “Game of Thrones” obsession is already here – art is all around us.