Netflix is a triple-A production company. They produce a wide array of content from Television series’ to feature films. Watching Netflix grow through the last decade has been fascinating.

As other giants throttle their bandwidth and lobby against the inevitable future of online streaming, they have persevered. For years they’ve developed award-winning TV shows including House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, The Crown, etc.

Their films have also excelled. Mudbound was an Oscar-nominated film and critically, Beasts of No Nation may be the best thing they’ve produced. Now we have Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma.

Now, in order to qualify for Oscar consideration a film must be in theaters for a certain amount of time. Roma is out there, and it has expanded after receiving some Golden Globe and other precursor attention.

But the problem remains. Some movies just aren’t meant to be watched on your laptop screen, and many people will experience Roma that way.

Going to the movies is expensive. For the die-hard film fans it is absolutely worth it to see Roma as it was meant to be seen. But not all of us have that luxury. Undoubtedly Roma will be primarily experienced at home or in bed.

As the expansion increases we may already have a solution to our problem. The giant movie theater chains work against Netflix. They don’t like that the films are available to stream so early. At its basis, we have two industries that are combative and unwilling to compromise.

Maybe Roma could’ve had a few week run in theaters before the streaming release, it did in a limited fashion, but as a wide release as well. The theaters want more time though, they want exclusivity.