As I binged Crazy Ex-Girlfriend I would feel a mix of emotions – from laughter to cringe, from cringe to cringe, from cringe to awe (love the musical numbers) and then back to laughter and cringe.

It’s a ridiculous show with a ridiculous premise that bathes itself in over-reactive and exaggerated characters – it’s really good.

Hearing that it will meet its conclusion in October is sad, but appropriate. The show has only got better, and one more season feels like just enough to complete Rebecca’s arc.

And I believe that is what the best part of the show is: the characters evolve. They don’t forget their lessons, they don’t become flanderizations.

The musical numbers are flashy and unique as well.

It definitely struggles with tone, like I said before, you’ll cringe a lot. Characters are laid bare through the musical moments and we see all the embarrassing scars.

In the end I have deep admiration for the ambition and quirkiness of this series, even if it kept me uncomfortable.