I read a few comments on this Reddit post as a handful of redditors lackadaisically pieced together the plot of the film.

I remember loving it, but in a ‘shock and awe’ kind of manner. Obviously I was attracted to the cast being 12 years old when the film was released.

I enjoyed Rory Culkin’s performance in “Signs” (I could relate to his character having strong asthma myself) and of course was a huge Josh Peck fan (Nickelodeon was my shit, “Amanda Show” was my shit, “Drake & Josh” was definitely my shit.”

I saw the trailer back in the movies.go.com days and asked my parents if I could rent it from Blockbuster. They said yes as they only protected from the movies/games/shows the news was outraged about.

It was hypnotic to me, not only seeing Peck go from the “funny fat kid” to this seriously troubled autistic kid. Not to mention the vulgar dialogue – which made the film feel real. I heard these words by the minute in middle school.

In hindsight, the film is just a solid drama that doesn’t necessarily stand out. It does its job and makes some strong ethical arguments about youth culture of the era.

It had some of the best child actors of the time and the dreadful and gloomy atmosphere made the film feel haunting without it ever being horrific.

The sounds of nature persisting after the shocking climax, the feeling of life moving forward despite the traumatic tragedy all felt seamless and raw.

It was a great, yet inevitably forgotten film. Which is kind of appropriate considering its theme and structure in the movement of life through trauma.

Glad I was reminded of this movie.