Sitcoms come and go and there are a lot of them.

“New Girl” was consistently average comfort food. At its worst (Final season, Seasons 1/2) it was background noise. At its best (Seasons 3-5) it was filled with things to chuckle about and a couple things to laugh out loud about.

It wouldn’t have lasted past season 2 if it weren’t for the extremely talented cast and their seamless chemistry with one another.

There are several sitcoms out there that taper off into a “consistent zone.” “Modern Family” is a good example. It won multiple Emmys, but instead of opting to grow into riskier/uncoventional territory it settled for, well, comfort food.

This isn’t a bad thing. We all use TV to escape the chaos of everyday life, and shows like these are necessary for that. They’re audio/visual happy pills.

When talking about “Community’s” low ratings in the early 2010s Dan Harmon, in an interview with AV Club said this:

“…We are really, really, really most comfortable feeling like we’re hanging out with about a hundred or so people, experiencing something with them, and it’s just the most comfortable thing in the world to watch a sitcom, a multi-camera one, to just slip your foot into this warm slipper that’s been molded to fit your foot after a hard day’s work….

…I watch reruns of Seinfeld. I mean, it’s perfect. It’s just like drinking a nice cup of tea before bed. Maybe that’s a bad idea. It just feels appropriate and good….

…I don’t want to slip into bagging on it like it’s a base craft, because obviously the good stuff is satisfying, richly satisfying to everybody. Smart people, dumb people, who cares…