13 Reasons Why season one was solid.

There were ebbs and flows throughout the season, but overall it was a strong mystery with a satisfying, yet devastating conclusion.

Everything comes together. Without questionable cliffhangers it would’ve been a strong mini-series and critics agree.

Katherine Langford earned a well-deserved Golden Globe nomination and the critics landed on an admirable 76.

When season two was announced it made sense – you know because of the cliffhangers. But almost universally everyone agreed – it was too much.

The controversy is thinly veiled. To think season one glorified suicide after its conclusion, you’d think these accusators only tried the first few episodes.

My wife and I agreed that its message was blantantly anti-suicide and focused more on the impact of suicide and various causes of depression.

Netflix ran with this controversy. Afterall there’s no such thing as bad press right?

The idea of a second season was excessive because we got the point after season one. Now you’re just profiting from the misery.

This isn’t new with Netflix. Right out the gate they had juggernauts like “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black” which they’ve been too frightened to end.

Netflix has proven incapable of properly ending a show. They either cancel or drag it out. I wish they were better.