It was announced yesterday that, in an attempt to be less humorous and all-around good, Fox has cancelled “Last Man on Earth,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and “The Mick.”

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a fan favorite and the fanbase has been shouting. It’s all but guranteed that the cop show will return, maybe on Hulu.

Then there’s “Last Man on Earth,” a show with a strong first season that delves into low-budget slapstick and giddiness as it moves on through its four seasons.

Like many long-running comedies the show finally found a seamingly consistent groove this season. It’s mindless comedy that gives out the occasional knee-slapper.

Also, never in the history has a show had such a blatantly inaccurate title: “The Last Man on Earth.”

At this point, it’s no secret that the show has an ensemble. Several men, women, and occasionally children have made up the cast.

If you watch the first episode you think it’s all Will Forte performing Will Forte-style comedy. Then Kristen Schaal comes in with Kristen Schaal-style comedy and slowly the ensemble shapes out.

One thought I had early on was – what if Tandy is actually the last man on Earth? All these characters are made up to entertain his delusion.

When they brought Jason Sudekis in as his brother, I thought that maybe he’s the only other “real” person. After several scenes not involving Tandy and interactions away from Tandy I thought that this theory was what it was – a thinly veiled fan theory.

And I still think that.


Hulu may be the savior for this show as well. If so they’ll have to wrap up the season four finale’s cliffhanger.

While it’d be appropriate for the crowd of mysterious people who have emerged to die suddenly in a comedic fashion – it’d be intriguing to see if the show finds an ending that brings meaning to its title.