Take “Game of Thrones” as a quality example. Yes, last season sucked, but the show has always done its own thing – been a commentary on the unpredictability of chaos of war.

“Handmaid’s Tale” has given itself the burden of political commentary. In a sense, it needs to become effective art. The unfortunate side effect to commentary is that serial art (like television) needs to change – it must be broad.

“Westworld” almost cartoonishly exaggertaes the reactions and motifs of its characters which allows for a ramped-up style of action and reaction.

Essentially “Handmaid’s Tale” can become melodramatic in the sense that we watch the underdogs struggle, struggle and then struggle some more – until the inevitable triumph over evil that is.

“Westworld” can become a caricature of itself. “I’m angry, therefore I am violent” mentality that may prevent the change within show. Dolores is at her most pissed off, are we doomed for hours and hors of her building up aggression till the robots’ inevitable triumph?

“Game of Thrones” had the luxury of being about something unpredictable and for the topic being broad enough to explore in multiple ways. The eyesight of “Handmaid’s Tale” and “Westworld” is much more thin and narrow.

A lot can still change and I am looking forward to seeing how both series’ adapt.