They’re almost all bad.

I’m not about to provide an echo chamber for your taste in bad movies. Criticism exists to help pull us away from the ugliness in some films. And boy, especially recently, Sandler’s production company has made some garbage.

I’ve had the conversation too often. Someone expresses they like one of the bad ones, I speak baffled “Really!?” and they defend with “I know. I know. It’s a guilty pleasure and it made me laugh.”

Some of his films are indefensible to the point that the statement above really is the only defense. I call it the “guilty pleasure” defense.

It’s essentially what someone says when they know they can’t form a good enough argument to validate their poor taste.

But the things is, that’s okay.

Yes, at times Happy Madison makes films that are insultingly bad. Even bordering racist or sexist, and those moments I cannot condone and will not.

But the goal of movies is escape. The goal of comedy is laughter. If that is provided the work has done its part.

Given the ridiculous financial successes of his films, there are people out there who genuinely can’t wait for this shit.

If the goal is achieved, even partially, then mission accomplished. People escaped. People smiled. People laughed.

The bad reviews have not pushed Sandler and Happy Madison to make better films because the wallet vote supersedes the critic vote.

Sandler himself has some strong dramatic acting chops and I’ll follow that part of his career for sure. In the meantime I’ll actively avoid Happy Madison, not my cup of tea.

If you find enjoyment in something few others do, then more power to you.