NASA Scientists think “Gravity” is the worst, most inaccurate space movie ever made.

Okay NASA, calm yourself.

I’ll start this ‘hit’ article with my thoughts on the film: I liked it a lot. It’s claustrophobic, it’s action-packed, there’s a strong character arc and a meaningful conclusion.


Upon release, however, you’d think movie critics and professional bloggers never saw a decent space movie in their life. “Gravity” was good, but “Apollo 13” did this story better 20 years prior while maintaining scientifc integriy and being true to the true story.

That comparison isn’t fair though, “Gravity” is a work of fiction. However the main antagonist of the film, literally and figuratively is gravity – so it’s important to get the science right.

Okay, they don’t have to be 100% accurate, but when your antagonist is a scientific limitation it just hurts the quality when you get it wrong.

In a thriller where she fights these limitations, if you throw out the rules of those limitations it hurts the film, specifically for academic groups including, but not limited to, NASA.

For us dumb people, we don’t necessarily care. But it detatches these people from the reality of the film. If rules can be broken in the film, then anything can be solved just like that. It hurts the audience’s investment and takes them out of the film.