15. Computer Chess (Trippy Drama)

At first glance it’s a black and white documentary about nerds in the 80s, meeting at a hotel for a convention where their custom-made computer compete with one another in a tournament of chess. From there shit gets more and more odd.

14. American Ultra (Comedy/Drama)

This is not a good film. On the surface, and as advertised, it’s a typical fish-out-of-water, stoner flick. It’s more serious and brutal than that, but still provides some memorable moments.

13. Spring Breakers (Trippy Drama)

Spring Break foreva…. This a solid, abstract film that looks fucking gorgeous. With memorable imagery throughout and a strong moral ambiguity.

12. V/H/S 2 (Horror)

We all love a good horror movie when we’re drinking/smoking with friends. “V/H/S 2” is an anthology series. If one horror short doesn’t frighten you, surely the next one will. For me, the entire film was downright horrific fun.

11. Hot Tub Time Machine (Comedy)

There’s nothing too special about this movie while sober. A fairly by-the-book comedy with an absurd premise. However, it makes for some great casual, mindless repeat viewings.

10. Pain & Gain (Action/Comedy)

“Michael Bay films all suck” is no longer a sentiment I can agree with. Here he invests that high-energy into something magnificent. It’s rapid, it’s absurd, and it’s also based on true events.

9. Everybody Wants Some!! (Comedy)

“Dazed and Confused” was the textbook college pot movie for a long time. This film is Linklater’s spiritual successor. It’s a riot from front to back and when it ends you wish there was so much more.

8. Jackass 3D/Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (Comedy)

You just want to laugh with friends? Put on anything “Jackass.” It’s so juvenile, yet so endlessly entertaining. The antics now seem somewhat endearing given the toxic Youtube prank culture. 3D and Bad Grandpa are the only “Jackass” properties to come out so far this decade.

7. African Cats (Animal Documentary)

“Planet Earth” is a juggernaut when it comes to great intoxicated viewings. How about Disneynature’s best film “African Cats.” With an actual coherent narrative and Samuel L. Jackson’s soothing narration, what more can you ask for?

6. Attack the Block (Horror/Comedy)

“Attack the Block” is so much fun. It’s hysterical at times and shifts elegantly to eye-popping, low-budget action at other times. Plus the creatures look both silly and sinister as fuck somehow.

5. The World’s End (Action/Comedy)

The Cornetto trilogy makes for great intoxicated viewings. “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” were last decade though. “The World’s End” is just as strong as those films and may be one of the greatest comedies of the decade.

4. Enter the Void (Trippy Drama)

An entire, nearly 3 hour, flick all from the perspective of a man who smokes DMT, gets himself shot, and floats around the vibrant city in the afterlife. Need I say more?

3. The Cabin in the Woods (Horror/Comedy)

Joss Whedon outdid himself here. This movie takes all the classic horror-movie tropes and flips them on their head. It’s beautiful satire and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

2. What We Do in the Shadows (Comedy)

A reality-style mockumentary about a group of vampires living together. Need I say more? It may seem the premise could become exhausting, but the entire film is filled with mindless laughs.

  1. This is the End (Comedy)

When it comes to stoner comedies Seth Rogen and James Franco are the new Cheech and Chong. “This is the End” isn’t their best film by a long shot, but it may be their funniest. The self-parody in it is hysterical and the improv from the cast has never been more on point or edited more smoothly.