I think so.

I never understood the judgment of actors when their quality of performance 95% of the time is dictated by the director and the written material they’re given.

Obviously it’s unlikey we’ll see Mr. Johnson wielding a gold statue anytime soon. “Fighting with my Family” directed by Stephen Merchant seems to have Globe prospects though.

I liked him in “Southland Tales,” “The Game Plan,” “The Other Guys” and a few other films.

Charismatic is common term to describe his acting and his character. We’ve seen other WWE stars like John Cena attempt to fall into the industry, but it’s not alway easy to exude this unnatural level of charisma displayed by The Rock.

Also, bear in mind, WWE is a performing arts. It’s acting, character building, athleticism, and showmanship rolled up.

“Rampage” is out this week and looks as exciting as watching paint dry. I won’t see it.