Moviepass has the potential to be the life-jacket to a sinking industry.

Well, that’s a bit hyperbolic isn’t it? The industry is not “sinking” per se, but it’s also not floating comfortably.

2017 was the worst summer in 25 years for movie theaters. In the midst of all the empty theaters Moviepass’ pie-in-the-sky pipe dream came to life.$10 a month and I can see all the movies I want? What’s the catch? How are you bamboozling me?

Well, it’s not a bamboozle. I love my Moviepass card. You see 1-2 movies a month and you’re already making your money back.

This should fail astronomically soon right? It’s too soon to tell; more people need to climb on board.

In lieu of nuance, Moviepass CEO Mitch Lowe and his team have calculated a system that’s pretty simple. More moviegoers = more concessions. Their aim is to appease giants like Regal or AMC and to formulate partnerships through the venture.

Netflix had a similar model. “How can you rent out movies for so cheap?” Blockbuster representatives would ask. “You’re going to fail!”

Netflix is a giant today. Catalyzed by their live-streaming platform. They started low at $7 a month, and are now at $15. And subscribers barely care, because the product has been so damned good and essential to recreation.

Anyway there’s no crystal ball to determine Moviepass’ future. For now it has my full endorsement and I’m excited to see all the award-driven films this winter.