TV: 13 Reasons Why S1 – (3/4)

I didn’t know much about 13 Reasons Why going into it. Never read the book, but I was aware of the looming controversies it had accumulated with its depiction of suicide.

13 Reasons Why is a cold, cold series. A mystery shrouding an aura of doom and gloom. The acting is honest and emotional without falling victim to melodrama. There are a few moments that edge it though.

Does the show glorify suicide? That’s an understandable interpretation, but it really does depend on just that – your interpretation.

Will the show make your underage children want to harm themselves? It definitely won’t help if they’re already showing signs of sadness/depression. A show or movie will never start that conversation in someone’s head, but it can continue it. Please, talk to your children and loved ones and keep those doors open. All episodes warrant strong TVMA ratings for 17+.

The hardest thing when you finish that final episode, and make it through those harrowing and disturbing moments is the realization that the problem is identified. Normally a narrative solves it – these people needed to realize, whether it was brazen or quiet, that they killed Hannah Baker.

They learn their lessons, but then what? Nothing can change, Hannah’s death is a permanent stamp.

There’s nothing happy about 13 Reasons Why, but it does suck you into its mystery and then bashes you over the head with the simple life lesson – we can all be better people, and we should all try harder to be there for others.

Words and actions have power and you never know what effects your words or actions have on others.

As a show – shot beautifully, acted expertly. The plot device puts an annoying limitation on Clay. Sometimes you wish he’d just listen to the tapes already! But they find creative ways around that toward the middle of the season.

Another show where I’m divided on a second season. They didn’t tie all their knots so it’d be nice to have some additional closure. However, moving forward with further tragedies (their possibilities indicated in the finale) may tread all too close to exploitation.