Film: The Fall of Harvey Weinstein

It’s been everywhere.

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit… So you pretty much have an idea now that Harvey Weinstein is a despicable creep.

Along with these multiple allegations, we are learning more about the complicit behavior of a lot of performers and industry leaders alike.

This is not okay.

There is a poison in Hollywood. While the Hollywood elite preach their left-wing ideologies of inclusiveness; studios fail to employ female filmmakers at alarming rates, studio CEOs and production heads sexually harass men, women, children – whoever they want.

They believe they are power. That they can deliver dreams and therefore can control people – objectify them. It’s a truly despicable cognitive dissonance that is evergrowing within the elites not just in this industry, but in many industries in a country that has let unhinged capitalism and corporate greed run amuck.

In our country if you have money, you are above the law.

Harvey Weinstein will throw money at these cases. Retire peacefully and quietly. And those who were complicit, his brother, the board of TWC, and the many industry insiders who stood by and accepted this as normal or okay will clap the dirt from their hands with empty PR-filled apologies and sustained silence.

Hollywood is a dirty, dirty, despicable and hypocritical place.

We watch movies and shows for the escapism. For those fleeting moments of bursting emotion that we receive from them.

We all need to remember though, that the faces we fall in love with on screen are not the same faces in the real world. Separating the art from the artist is one thing, but we cannot condone an entire industry placing itself above the law and above basic human rights.

Be vocal, be supportive of those who have been victimized. These people are frightened to speak out, let them feel welcomed, let them know it’s okay to speak up.

Hopefully some cleansing of Hollywood can come from this, and the fall of Harvey Weinstein will put those elite bastards who haven’t been caught yet into check.