TV: Bojack Horseman S4 – (3.5/4)

“Bojack Horseman” consistently amazes me. Nearly everything about it – the somber moments, the wacky comedy, the witty wordplay in dialogue, the ambitious (and occasionally experimental) art design, and the keen attention to detail.

The drama hits hard and the comedy is funnier than ever in season 4. I am continually fascinated at how a show that stars bipedal animals is one of the most human television shows out there.

There are many shows that succeed in being simply sad or simply hilarious. As well, there are many shows that succeed in blending the two genres by muting each of them in favor of one another. Plots are better interweaved this season, and nothing is muted. It is sad, but not cold. It is funny, but not cliche.

Bojack Horseman is bombastic and out front with all of its emotions. It’s bold, conscientious, and candid.

I can throw around several superlatives to describe this show and this season. Simply put, I was in awe from head to toe. It may not be the hardest-hitting season of Bojack, but it quietly resonates on an existential level and is one of my favorite shows of all time.