Film: Chasing Coral – (2/4)

This is a tough one. “Chasing Coral” is a wholly flawed documentary, but it is also an incredibly important film that should be a required viewing.

This film draws attention to the volume in which we are losing our ocean’s coral and the ramifications of this loss. What’s causing it? ayou guessed it – global warming.

The film tells its story through a group of scientists conducting an experiment to catch on film this natural phenomenon. It’s an ode to the scientifc method, and further proof that climate change is an undisputed scientific fact.

Movies like this are at their best when they show as opposed to tell. “Chasing Coral” has exhausting moments of telling yet brilliant moments of showing. I wish they were more showy.

Documentaries that urge their audience to take action have to be strongly persuasive in their evidence to have an impact. Again, better obtained by showing. A narrative film gets its messages across by presenting a circumstance, usually relatable, that the audience can have an emotional connection with.

“Chasing Coral” is beautiful and well shot, but all the structural gray areas make the argument less persuasive as they may as well have been preaching to the choir.

So my confliction is that “Chasing Coral” brought my attention to a phenomenon that I would’ve never knew about. It’s important, must-see filmmaking just for that alone.