Video Game: My 8 picks for original XBOX backward compatibility

One of the more exciting moments of e3 2017 was Microsoft’s announcement to expand their backward compatibility program to original XBOX titles.

There are a lot of great titles we could see from “Fable” to franchises like “Splinter Cell” and “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.” Those are some runner-ups, but here are 8 games I’d really like to see:

8. Mercenaries

This game was a ton of fun. I still distinctly remember the many tactics you could use to approach a level. Also blowing shit up was fun.

7. Freedom Fighters

“Freedom Fighters” was a real cheesy game and it was as imperfect as they get. It was also one of my favorite third-person shooters in my youth. I would love to raise that American flag again.

6. Halo CE/Halo 2

I know it’s unlikely that they’ll resurrect the servers for “Halo 2,” and I know we have the ever-broken “Master Chief Collection” to play some of these titles, but I want it all. All the maps, all the game types, etc.

5. Destroy All Humans

“Grand Theft Auto” with aliens! Few things are more satisfying in life than running around a 50s suburban town throwing cars and people around. This is destruction-porn at its best and one of the most satisfying experiences as a gamer.

4. Prince of Persia trilogy

If we just get “Sands of Time” it’s still a yuggge victory. This is one of the greatest story-driven franchises of all time. Modern parkour games including “Assassin’s Creed” pale in comparison.


If we’re talking games with good storylines, XIII is one of the best. This game works mechanically, stylistically, and has so many strong twists and turns in narrative. One of the few games I’ve gone back and beat multiple times.

2. Burnout 3: Takedown

Let’s go back to “satisfying experiences.” Can anyone name anything in any video game more satisfying than taking down a rival racer in “Burnout 3”? Still considered one of the greatest racing games of all time, I would love to revisit this masterpiece

1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This has to happen. Before Bioware created the best trilogy in video game history with Mass Effect, they made this masterpiece. “KOTOR” is still widely considered the greatest “Star Wars” game ever made as well as one of the greatest games of its generation.