TV: Glow S1 – (3.5/4)

This was a pleasant surprise. “Glow,” a Netflix original series, may go down as one of their best shows yet.

Jenji Kohan is showrunning, known for her success with “Orange is the New Black.” She does something really special here with ensemble-storytelling. Alison Brie’s Ruth Wilder is in the role like Piper Chapman, a lead role that often falls supporting to flesh out the rest of the ensemble.

There are plot-driven shows and character-driven shows – “Glow” is the ladder. Everyone of these characters prove to be interesting in this season. Some aren’t as fleshed out as others, but their quirks still keep them intriguing.

Alison Brie nails this role. Knowing her work well from “Community,” I was nervous that her comedic style would be too bombastic for a show like this. She, like the rest of the cast, feels authentic and real in her performance.

Authenticity to it’s characters and it’s comedy lead me to really enjoy “Glow.” I binged it quickly and enjoyed almost everything about it. I also enjoyed the pace at which it moved as well as the history behind the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

There’s a lot to love here and I can’t wait for season 2.