TV: Friends from College S1 – (1.5/4)

This was a fun little show. With some pretty funny moments and few gut-splittling funny moments. However it’s about 30/70 when the comedy works.

“Friends from College” strives in situational and cringe comedy. We have a cast of truly despicable characters and the comedy blooms when they’re trapped and forced to address their despicable actions.

In the meantime though, we just have to sit and watch them be despicable with little to no comeuppance. “It’s Always Sunny” is a show that often works well with despicable characters, but they are often given the karma they deserve. We laugh because it feels like justice, and we assert ourselves over them.

Not enough justice came of our characters in this season and all of them, every single one, needs a dose of more karma for the show to work.

I don’t mind sticking with the show, because in those comedic moments – it really works. I laughed a lot. However it’s the rest of the show and it’s execution/pacing that meander.

The show would’ve fallen harder if not for the taleneted cast. Keegan Michael Key does some great “reactionary” comedy here.

It’s also hard to understand why any of these characters want to be around each other in the first place. It almost never goes well for them, and they all have little to no chemistry with one another. They’ll need to repair this motivation in the next season if Netflix isn’t so cancel trigger happy. It deserves another chance.