TV: Castlevania S1 – (No Rating)

I’m pulling a Roger Ebert-Human Centipede reiview here and refusing to give this first season of “Castlevania” a rating.

The four episode first season was too small a sample size to gauge the quality of the show entirely up to this point.

I normally review by season. I do this because there are many episodes of any given show that serve as nothing more than to build up something in a later episode. Does that episode work on its own? Often not, but it does a great job getting us to the next, big, episode.

Even reviewing seasons is rough because sometimes they are catalysts to something bigger in a following season. And here’s the category “Castlevania” falls into.

Does season one stand on its own? Not at all. It’s entirely first act material. We only begin to know our characters and plot by the end of the fourth episode.

I will go ahead and review the seasons first act capabilities. A lot of what we saw here, at least in episodes 1-3, was an attempt at establishing atmosphere. This show is ultra-violent and had some unfortunate moments of gratuity through this violence.

The violence serves to help establish the atmosphere, but there are sequences primarily in episode 2 where you just want to say – Okay, we get it.

It isn’t at all for children or the squeamish. Episode four laid back on the violence a bit to focus more on character and the next big plot point. It was easily my favorite episode of the four.

As a 4-episode first act, I can’t judge if any of this exposition is building to something or if it will all be lost in subtext later on. So I refuse to review this shortened season, and hope we can establish something fuller in the second season.