TV: Fargo S3 – (3/4)

Season 3 of “Fargo” is much more low key than the previous two seasons. In that way, it because the closest film to the Coen brother philosophy.

Essays upon essays have been written dissecting the “Joel/Ethan Coen philosophy, but one common theme is absurdism. With the original film “Fargo” we are asked to observe, sit on the sidelines, as opposed to take part in the story.

We aren’t revealed details later on that were kept from us, we see any and everything going on in the situation. We are asked to judge, and critique the character’s actions. And much like “A Serious Man” or “Inside Llewyn Davis” in the end we are left telling ourselves “the world is just complicated sometimes.”

Seasons 1 and 2 were great homages as well where we were sidelined, but they were almost overly bombastic when compared to the stylings of the Coen brothers’ comedic work. Season 3 nails the philosophy of its source material in a much more significant way.

We’re not just judging the characters and laughing at the absurdities, questions are being raised about meaning, and the search for meaning.

Many philosophers have written books upon books about absurdism, and no filmmakers have ever brought it to screen the way Joel and Ethan Coen have.

Is this season perfect on its own though? A minor glitch here and there in narrative and pacing. For the most part we avoid gratutious homage, the camerawork exceptional here as well.

All in all it may be the least action-oriented seaon of “Fargo” and maybe the least entertaining on the surface, but it nails the philosophy and works perfectly as an homage to its source material.